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If the pines could cry

A Year-End Appeal

Dear Reserve friends and supporters, 

Every now and then at the Reserve something goes terribly wrong, despite the vigilance of its keepers—as well as the legendary resilience of the iconic Torreys. 

This year, we’ve experienced a terrible tragedy. The drought has claimed hundreds of trees, but it has also devastated THE trees: the signature grove on Guy Fleming where the duck-under branch hangs over the trail, and multiple treetops once bowed their fans of green needles to the wind in a graceful curve.

My god, I thought, as I walked through this past weekend. My god!—the twisted skeletons, the gray branch tips, the dusty beds of cinnamon-orange fallen needles piled as if for a pyre. What can we, as members of the oldest non-profit organization charged with protecting and preserving the Reserve, do

By the end of the loop trail, I could think of only one answer: grieve for what has happened, but also forge our collective resolve into a stronger chain. Let us steady each other—and all who love the Reserve—by reaffirming our support for this rare biological island clinging to an urban coast. Whatever humans can do to provide some stability, we must do. 

The rains will return. The pines will sprout anew. In the meantime, TPA, the State of California, the Docent Society—and most importantly, each of you—must strive to protect every square inch of the Reserve, stabilize the historic Lodge, and provide anything necessary to inspire and educate our children so that they, too, will wonder at the life cycle unfolding before them. 

With your help, we will do all we can to give the Reserve the fighting chance that it deserves. Please consider a membership in TPA, a gift of a membership, a donation, a stock donation for tax advantages...whatever you can do in this time of year-end reflection and resolve. Thank you. 


Peter Jensen, President, Torrey Pines Association

Wine in the Pines 2015

Muy delicioso. We Sipped, We Snacked On Gourmet Tacos, We Bid, And We Chatted

With Friends from Near and Far... All At "Wine in the Pines," And All for a Good Cause

 The historic lodge at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, once a popular restaurant and way-station on the main coastal road between San Diego and Los Angeles, came alive again with food, drink and conversation October 17 at a fundraiser hosted by Torrey Pines Association (TPA).

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