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TPA's Third Annual Bird Hike

A March bird-watching hike in the Reserve's Extension saw nine TPA members and their Docent leaders, Kathy Dickey and Jack Friery, rambling over chaparral-lined trails and into the bright sunlight of the "DAR" ridgeline-the Daughters of the American Revolution trail. 

Kathy and Jack are superb hike leaders. Kathy "spots" birds as often with her ears as her eyes. Jack carried his 50x zoom spotting scope, and it paid off from an overlook when he focused in on an osprey atop a pole along Carmel Valley Road. 
Both speak knowledgeably on other interesting topics related to the Reserve: in particular, Kumeyaay culture and botanical oddities. 
All hands survived the eroded parts of the trails, and in particular, climbing over a large tree that had toppled during the big wind storm of early March. 
Here's Kathy's list of birds seen, or heard. 

TPA's 66th Annual Meeting

TPA's 66th annual general meeting--always a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon--took place on the Scripps Institute of Oceanography campus in a meeting house with a stunning cliff-edge view. After a brief social get-together on the deck, we went inside to hear a series of presentations: 

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