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Trash Can Removals

We--as an organization founded by Guy Fleming and other San Diegans in 1950 to protect and preserve the Torrey Pines habitat in San Diego--are very concerned when anything threatens plants and wildlife, as well as the scenic beauty, of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. At the same time, we try to work hand-in-glove with the rangers and the park biologist at TPSNR during this very difficult time in the Reserve (and State Parks in general) when funding is tight, so we fund many projects in the Reserve such as trail restoration, bark beetle traps, invasive plant removal, and Lodge renovations. It is our understanding that Supervising Ranger Dylan Hardenbrook hopes these controversial no-trash measures will ultimately help reduce trash in the park, hence reducing the time and money that goes into trash collection.

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Whatever you love about Torrey Pines, you can support it with a gift to the Torrey Pines Association.Please make a gift today in support of what you love about Torrey Pines. Thank you in advance for your support.
By giving back to the Torrey Pines Association you help protect our Reserve. Your gift is 100% tax deductible. Thanks to you and the support of donors like you, TPA has...

    • Acquired 197 acres of land and approximately 1,500 rare Torrey Pines in what is now known as the "Extension" area of the park...
    • Funded a new docent library
    • Restored the Beach Trail stairs after a winter storm washout
    • Restored the historic Guy Fleming House inside the Reserve
    • Funded a Historic Structure Report for the Lodge
    • Published the definitive book on the Reserve, "Landscape & Legacy..."
    • Protected trees with bark beetle monitor traps
    • Funded the disposal of hundreds of TONS of invasive plants.
    • Averted park aide layoffs
    • Sponsored research on endangered plants, such as Dudleya brevifolia
    • Repaired MILES of trails
    • Purchased a truck for use by the Docent Society's "Wacky Weeders" crew
    • Hosted numerous Symposia featuring noted experts
    • Funded the fireplace rehabilitation  
    • Funded and created numerous informational videos
    • Created and funded the main video shown in lodge
    • Provided wildcams to study wildlife presence and movement  

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