Window on Wildlife

After hiking, biking, and beach-combing, there's still another way to explore the Reserve! We invite you to browse the photos from TPA's wildlife cameras installed near the lagoon in 2013. Here's our 2017 update on the night-time adventures of the wild ones:

Spring is the season of newborns

These youngsters 160713-4-cat2kit16.1-440first made their wildcam debuts in the summer of 2016.







In the school of the wild, finding food is a serious business

This kitten from 2015 proved to be a proficient predator ... kangaroo rat, gopher, even a rabbit.


 But a mouse may have given it the slip! Here is a sequence of images tracking their encounter:

        Cat and mouse                       Whoops!                          Gotcha                  Now where did it go?


 A range of wildlife is captured by our cameras










                 Owl with full crop





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