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Preserve Our Parks!

sos_parks_2The Legislature is now considering the Governor’s Budget for fiscal year 2012-2013, and once again State Parks are on the chopping block. In addition to the $11 Million cut in last year’s budget, an additional $11 million will be cut from the Parks budget for the coming year.  These cuts have required the Department of Parks & Recreation to propose the closure of 70 of our glorious Parks.  Included on the closure list are Palomar Mountain SP, and San Pasqual Battlefield SHP, both in San Diego County.  While you may have heard about agreements in the works to keep these Parks open, don’t relax, believing the parks are out of danger.  Once your Park is on the closure list, it will remain on the closure list until the Legislature enacts sufficient funding to keep the parks open.

Trigger Cuts Will Hit Torrey Pines

tpsb_ev_280One other provision of the Governor’s proposed budget is the “Trigger Cuts” that would take effect if the Governor’s Tax Increase package fails in November.  These further cuts in the allocations to the Parks would result in the lay-off of ALL Seasonal Lifeguards and 20% of all Rangers.  If these cuts take effect, Torrey Pines State Beach will be unprotected and we could very well lose one of our Rangers.

What You Can Do

  • Communicate with our legislators and oppose the $22 million in cuts that will close 1/3 of the largest State Park system in the world.
  • Oppose the “trigger cuts” that could effectively cripple the parks that are not closed by the original cuts.

Please call, email or write to your Legislators to support the Parks.  It will take each of us to preserve our State’s natural heritage. Send an email now!

Learn more about other bills before the Legislature that affect State Parks.

In the meantime ...

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