Upcoming Event: TPA Symposium 2014

The symposium is coming!

First things first: Don't be put off by the scholarly tone of the word "symposium," especially if it reminds you of battered straight-back chairs in college lecture halls ... and tenured professors mumbling under drooping white mustaches.

Each year Torrey Pines Association hosts its own symposium on a subject central to the Reserve's healthy and prosperous future. Past topics, explored in depth over a lively three hours, include lagoon restoration plans, the Native American presence in the Reserve, rare plants, and more.

This year we return to the Lodge, having just finished the building's Historic Structures Report that is absolutely necessary before any repairs or renovations can be performed. Where do we go from here?  How ambitious should be our plans? How much do we spend?

We invite you to join us at beautiful The Lodge at Torrey Pines (the hotel). The Lodge's owners and management are graciously hosting the event  in the comfortable environs of the Charles Reiffel meeting room (with great coffee and mid-morning refreshments). We expect an audience of 50 to 75 members, so don't disappoint us!




Photographic impressions of the modern-day Lodge by John Durant


Peter Jensen, President, TPA

The Torrey Pines Lodge: “The Gateway to San Diego”

Alex Bevil, California State Parks Historian

“The Restaurant Entrepreneurs of Torrey Pines Lodge”

Judy Schulman, Docent Historian

“Laying Bare The Bones/The First Renovation”

 Robert Wohl, retired TPSNR Supervising Ranger

“Vertical Archaeology: Creating The Historic Structure Report”

Ione Stiegler, FAIA

“Refreshing The Museum”

Janice Barnard, Docent Museum Committee

Panel/Questions & Answers

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